Thursday, April 28, 2005

From this day forward

from this day forward
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It's time. The front-facing seat. I don't believe she's acheived the weight of 20 pounds yet, but at 16 months we think she's ready. A graduation from looking back at where we've been to gazing into the future. She looks suspicious, I know, but its probably just the novelty of a new direction.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Museum day

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We took a trip to the state museum yesterday, and it was pretty clear that Annabel had a wonderful time. She had great fun looking through the magnifying glass at the moth collection and making friends at a dinosaur puzzle in the kids' room. The best part happened in the Fleet room, where there was an exhibit of modern masters such as Oldenburg and Man Ray. Security asked us to turn off cell phones and check our cameras while we were inside the small gallery, but Annabel broke the silence anyway as soon as she saw the taxidermied portion of a Marisol sculpture and yelled "DOG!"

Saturday, April 23, 2005


toothbrush II
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Bathtime is still a bit of a prickly proposition. She's never thrilled about getting undressed and into the tub. She screams and kicks and carries on as if we were trying to drown her each time. Of course as soon as she's settled, she has a wonderful time playing with her toys and getting us all soaked. It seems strange that she remembers that she likes bananas, teacups and Seasame Street, but doesn't recall how much fun she has splashing in the bath.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A world of pretend

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We're really getting the hang of "prentend" now, dad gum it. This morning Brianna (Lori's daughter) made pancakes and gave Annabel four silver-dollar-sized cakes on a plastic plate. Since we were in the porch playroom (and no sticky, oohey-gooey substances are allowed in there) she had to forego the syrup. After systematically jamming three of the pancakes in her mouth and chewing them up with glee, she realized what she was missing. So away she went to her pretend kitchen (a playbench filled to bursting with all manner of plastic toy utensils) fished out a bottle and pretended to put syrup on the last remaining cake. Yum.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

In the pink

Feeling better
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As you can see, little miss Annabel is back in the pink. She's such a resiliant little being. And we are HAPPY to report her tiny temper is back. Of course, she was howling at me the other day when I wouldn't give her a second ice cream cone, and thus for the first time I got to see her new molar peeking out from her gum. Today, in the car ride home, she and I played a game. I asked her what sound a cow makes, and she said moo; I ask her what sound a dog makes, and she said wooo (the f was silent); what sound does a cat make, meow; what sound does a chicken make, bok; and her favorite: what sound does an owl make, WHO WHO!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Sweet sixteen ...

Little imp
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Months, that is. Annabel turned 16 months old today. A remarkable age -- she is learning all kinds of things including the importance of sharing and how to make a burrito. (Well trying different foods is important, no?) The lastest for our little gormand is eating ice cream from a cone. She likes the independence of it but she's not a fan of the cone as a food item. If she gets any gummy cone bits in her mouth she fishes them out and feeds them to the dog.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Back to work

back to work
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Annabel was feeling better as soon as she got home, but was still weak and unsteady for several days. She is slowly getting back to her old self. We enjoyed several walks over the course of the weekend, wherein the expedition was solely "cat hunting." Today she has returned to her cherished place in Lori's house with great enthusiasm. What is most remarkable to me is her return to language. In the hospital she just stopped talking. Aside from the occasional "Elmo" and "Ernie," there wasn't much she was intersested in saying. Now she's back to using all her words and then some ... her favorite question is "what sound does a cow make?" Her answer is brilliant: "Moo."

Friday, April 08, 2005

Spoke too soon

little girl
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5 April 2005 -- Annabel had to go to the hospital Tuesday to be tested for diabetes. She awoke early in the morning and began vomiting right away. The vomiting continuing throughout the day and we took her to the doctor at mid-morning. Her doctor tested her urine for a kidney infection just to rule it out but found glucose instead. So the whole hospital process began. ER, admitting, testing, prodding poking, worrying and finally ... RELIEF. The good news is that Annabel is fine and slowly getting over a nasty intestinal virus that made her dehydrated and sent her blood glucose on a rollercoster ride. The bad news is she had to spend four days in the hospital getting stuck with needles and other forms of western medicine voodoo in the meantime.

Monday, April 04, 2005

As fast as her little legs ...

starting to run
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Little miss ittybit is feeling much, much better. She was in such a good mood today, reading her books, playing with her dolls and demanding "hot" milk (and sending it back when the temperature was merely tepid). We also played a joke on daddy, hiding in the closet when he came to look for us. Fun, fun, fun.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Easter jacket

Easter Jacket
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3 April, 2005 -- Annabel had a nice visit with grandma Linda this weekend. She had to be a little incognito because she's been getting over her first really nasty cold and cough. Some firsts we could all live without.