Tuesday, August 23, 2005


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Annabel is so cute and serene in this photograph it's hard to imagine that this same cherubic child can turn on a dime and burst out with a monumental meltdown when things don't go her way. To be more specific: She likes things stacked or in rows (mostly in rows, one item deep and consistently spaced). She is also a stickler for putting things where they belong. If you don't usually wear glasses, she will demand you take them off in her presence. And don't even think about putting that blue Playdough in with the yellow if she's watching. Of course, there are those times when the yellow Playdough HAS to go in with the blue, but that's a whole different can of beans.
Speaking of BEANS. We went to the L.L. variety in Freeport last week while we were in Maine. We didn't purchase anything, but Annabel had a BALL running up and down the aisle of winter coat racks, calling out colors. Greeee ... BLU ... YEL-YO ... RAY ... Mostly she's getting them right.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The big TWO- OH

sand castles 101
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Annabel is 20 months old. In addition to regaling us with three-word sentences and using the word 'no' as if it were the key to the universe, she is still very much a teeter-toddler. Her gait is enchantingly awkward, especially when she tries to run toward or away from something. The event is so cute I can't help but watch instead of shoot. I also need to make a more converted effort to taperecord her speech. It's so cute with its little whistle pitch as it rambles along.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy Birthday, Dad!

birthday boy
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We celebrated Jed's 35th birthday last week in Maine. Don't let the shy girl in the crook of her daddy's arms fool you. She had fun with the cake! It was a whole week of festivities: hanging out with the Cleary clan, catching up with her new cousin Elliott and getting even more familiar with the beach. She even said her first three-word phrase. Mommy NO; Down! We've learned that keeping her from the surf can be a no-no.
She also asked for TMBG's 'Bed, Bed, Bed' by name, started to sing and dance, got to meet a bunch of new people and played the name game with Sarah.

two grand babieshug baby

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Daddy's girl

parsons beach
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The dog days of August are upon us, and with the end of summer comes some shuffling of vacations and schedules and such. Lori is away with friends for the week so Annabel is spending a much-anticipated week with daddy. In addition to the usual naps, readings and playthings, Annibel is enjoying visiting mommy at work for lunch, area museums and pretty much every ice cream shop from Albany to Chatham!
She's beginning every day by saying DADDY, YAY!

Another first today. Annabel actually talked to me on the phone. (She usually says NO and pushes the phone away whenever someone tries to hand it to her for a chat.) She said hi, and proceeded to listen as I spoke to her. When I asked her if she and daddy were having fun she said Daddy, mama, and babbled a little bit. She then answered yes and no questions, and crossed her heart (according to Jed) to say she loved me.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sharp and sly

ama's house, kennebunk
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The musical expression of Annabel's lexicon expansion over the last few DAYS can be summed up in ONE WORD, and is explained quite nicely in our favorite They Might Be Giants song:

"No plus no equals no, all roads lead to no, no, no. Fingers pointing, eyebrows low, mouth in the shape of the letter O. Red means stop, do not go ... NO, NO, NO."

Although every question is now answered in NOs, it is apparent that she has a much wider vocabulary and some very strong desires. She knows what she wants and will sometimes lose herself and actually regress to saying 'Aya' when she really wants something such as ice cream or broccoli. (Two great tastes that apparently taste great together).

She also has a delightful impish look that says she's trying to play tricks on us. She still loves 'sneaking up on momma. She's still sparing with the public displays of affection: there aren't many hugs and kisses for mom and dad, but there are plenty of tender moments for Elmo, Ernie and Lambie. She is also fond enough of the dogs to call them by name (it sounds like MAY for both Maddy and Maggie) and give them brief hugs and pets while she sighs a little sigh of affection.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Beach bums

kennebunk beach
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I've been remiss in keeping up with all of Annabel's doings of late, but, as you can see, we've been lolling on the beachs of Kennebunk for the past week. Annabel has loved the ocean and delights in making her careful way into the surf. She holds our hands, and asks to be picked up and put down with the rhythm and grace of a yo-yo. Best of all was seeing Ama every morning. Ama, Yay! was her morning mantra as soon as she heard the floorboards creak overhead.