Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Request Thursday

As I was flitting around on Twitter diligently researching potential topics for discussion on Random Question Thursday ... yeah ... I know ... reasearching randomness is a blatant contradiction right?

Neveryoumindthat ... where was I?

Oh yes, I was looking for ideas when a new virtual friend, Velveteenmind, Tweeted a request for lullabys. It struck a chord with me immediately since I was still soothing a sore throat from bedtime the night before wherein I had indulged Ittybit's requests for several encores of her favorite go-to-sleep song.

As I was searching the Interwebs for links to the song lyrics to send Velveteenmind's way, nothing I found seemed to be exactly like the song I sang to Ittybit. The best I could do were lyrics from a somewhat contemporary band, The Cure.

Now she was able to find a download link that song, which she most graciously shared with me, but as I was listening to The Cure sing this old folk song, it occured to me real part I found lacking was a mother's voice.

Don't they always tell us how our children are soothed by our voices no matter how off key or warbly? How we mothers convey the songs to our children is something we each have the ability to preserve and share.

For me, Life's Rich Soundtrack starts with the songs my mothers sang to me and meanders along, returning to a place of origin in how I sing to my daughter, perhaps it will move her one day as she sings to her own children. ...

So, I offer you my humble, unprofessional voice, singing our favorite lullaby in hopes you will share yours.

**I'm thinking about asking my mother to sing The Ninth Prisoner, a Spanish folk song she use to sing to me at night. I'd be honored if you shared your songs by linking here.


Kcoz said...

I absolutely love the way you framed out your image in this video with mostly just your mouth in the shot in the upper corner surrounded by darkness...adds to the intimacy of the lullaby.
The angle of you singing downward to the other corner as if singing to a baby, could be the viewers baby, works well too.

You have a very nice singing voice as well.


Mommy Project said...

I wish I could have one ounce of your talent - it shows in every single thing you do.

My 5 month old baby is asleep on my lap as I reach over her to type this on my laptop. Her lips still sucking away at nothing there. Your song put her right out.

So Lovely.

Ellenjohnrubicon said...

What a wonderful idea, Siobhan. You have a lovely voice. When I can convince Sophie to film me, we'll share one.

Anonymous said...

tells of an art project that attempts to "gather, document, and find connections between lullabies" from around the world. though the majority of the lullabies added have been in spanish, they have been seeking more contributions in english

the actual website where you can view others singing lullabies or add your own: