Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Question Thursday

sticks and stones, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Where do you dwell?

And by dwell I mean where do you linger or ponder a particular thought ... until it eats your brain?

When I'm at my worst I dwell on what I think people think of me.

When I'm at my best I dwell on what I think of us.


Anonymous said...

I dwell on everything. I am an awesome worrier. I try not to tell people the extent of my thoroughness of worrying because it tends to scare people. I know my nature and try to avoid the nasty topics (bad news in the papers, tragic books, etc) so I can keep from falling into the pit of despair (said in best albino Princess Bride voice).

Recently, bad days dwelling on my weight, good days dwelling on my plan to lose the weight.

Kelly said...

I dwell in a state of general anxiety. Worry, worry, worry.

toyfoto said...

Yeah ... I live in anxiety, too. I started before I had kids and having kids just intensified it. I spend A LOT of time putting worrisome thoughts out of my mind.