Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pho-shizzz (part deux) ... or pho-NO-shizz

Photographs courtesy of Papa ... who also got the pleasure of escorting the young dancer to her dress rehearsal, helping her get outfitted and even troubleshooting why her costume skirt was bunching so strangely (she had managed to get both legs through one opening of the leotard) before the sweet little troupe took center stage.


papa took her to the rehearsal

You can TOTALLY tell me now: "I told you so." Because Friday, after the big event, I'll probably have to eat my words.


Anonymous said...

That color blue is very nice, did you get any video??

Later, Kcoz

toyfoto said...

No. I wasn't able to go to the dress rehearsal. My dad did the camera work on this.

I'll have to remember to bring my little FLIP to the big production.

I have to admit, there's something I AM really happy about despite all of this over-the-top-ness: during today's morning commute, Annabel asked me if we could stay for the rest of the show after her act was over. She wants to see the other dancers dance.

Kcoz said...

I see that you have gotten yourself another flip, I now know what items in my house to "leave alone" for fire prevention.

Annabel's interest in wishing to watch the others dance tells me she is interested in the whole concept of this production...she will without a doubt be elated to see herself on video as well.


toyfoto said...

Jed replaced it for Mother's Day. He even sprung for the HD version I wouldn't lay out the cash for. I've been hiding it from the boy as best as I can. Which means I have been afraid to use it in his presence.