Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's that time of year again

I know I haven't been able to GIVE these things away let alone sell them, but that doesn't stop me from trying.

I have got to muster the holiday spirit somehow. I've still got faith in holiday swag.

So ... here's the deal: You comment, delurk, tell me something you've always wanted to tell me (but just didn't have the patience to deal with the all the login names and toggle buttons). Talk about whatever you like: traditions, photography, family, navel lint. I don't care what it is.

And sometime around mid-December I will take all the names, put them in a hat and pick one (so long as you leave an email address in the sign-in menu, not to be shared with the Internets, so I can contact you if you win) and that person will get a mug filled with something sweet and homemade. Probably this (if I can manage not to burn it, that is).

UPDATE: Dec. 11
I'm nearly ready to draw a name for the mug, but I've decided to give away as many packages of toffee as I can manage**. All you have to do is e-mail me your real address and buttery sweetness will be in the mail.

**Obviously if I get inundated with requests I'll have to come back and say something smarmy ... like I meant the first ten delurkers. ... or something.


Binky said...

I will comment with a topic relevant to mugs: coffee. I love the stuff. I am obsessed with it. Just the other night I saw a Modern Marvels episode about coffee and realized that this obsession is very much a--is primal the right word?--thing. Coffee has been linked to creativity since its origination. It's no coincidence that everything from the idea behind the first newspaper to the world's best art and literature has come from inside the inspired walls of coffeehouses. It's probably even more responsible for great art than alcohol. Well, maybe.

toyfoto said...

Yet another reason to love you, Binky.

Virtual Memory Archive said...

I love your blog and your photos! I, too, love coffee and agree with what Binky said.

Mamma Pie said...

Well, wow. Anyone who is brave enough to even attempt to make toffee is worth de-lurking for.
I remember the first one of your posts I ever read- something about baby slings and a precious picture of your son in one, it truly was a beautiful picture. Anyway, coffee does indeed= heaven- although it has taken me a looong time to come to that conclusion. My husband just a few months ago purchased a $600 "coffee maker" (espresso machine with coffee steamer attached) and in an effort to make it worth our money I have obliged the family by becoming something of a coffee addict myself. It certainly can't "hurt" me....right?
Anyway, I would love to win but am also okay if I get out bidded....:)

Anonymous said...

Well…I first stumbled on to you site while dealing with a deep depression…I had just buried my baby sister after her struggle with cancer, and then held her teenage daughter as she cried and cried while asking why life could be so cruel.
Your photos of Annabel reminded me of my baby sister when a toddler and a much happier time, and also… how I would miss her so.
I paid close attention to your creative and honest writing that accompanied your photos and reexamined the strong bonding between a mother and child, and the reality of day-to-day life that creates this bond…the things we take for granted. It has helped me to understand my niece’s pain.

As my niece has said, my sister was more than a mother to her; they were best friends as well.

I do not wish for a free anything, just seems like a good time to reveal why I have been hanging around for 2+ years…Thanks for bringing forth some warm and fuzzy memories that I had filed away.


Kelly said...

Those mugs are beyond adorable (and I am talking about the actual cups and the faces on them).

We're working on traditions here, especially as we approach Christmas, so I can give the kids these tangible and lovely things to anticipate. When I was little, we used to make fried dough on Christmas Eve. Those horribly bad for you but oh-so-delicious treats were rolled in sugar and eaten voraciously by all of us.

We do an Advent calendar that I fill with some interesting treats, we do the ubiquitous gingerbread house, and on Christmas morning, I make Santa pancakes (hat made from Strawberries, all white hair made from whipped cream).

Um...now I'm hungry!

toyfoto said...

You are the best readers. Really the best.

And, Kelly, Santa pancakes make me hungry, too.

Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

You guys are killing me.

I want toffee AND Santa pancakes. And a nice cup of decaf (2 sugars and a TON of cream) to wash it down.

I was going to gush about the blog, but I got sidetracked by all the talk of good food!

Goes to show you that you shouldn't read blogs on an empty stomach.

Kelly Anne said...

I can't remember when I started following your blog - some time after I stumbled across your wonderful photography on Flickr - and you continuously inspire me with your awesome, heartfelt documenting of the good, bad, funny, little things that make up life.


I'm throwing in another vote for the awesomeness that is coffee. Tea's pretty good too.

Baccus Family said...

Oh YUM! Your yummy treats look incredible!

Thank you for all of your wonderful posts over the years. I've enjoyed reading about your family - your struggles and your joys. I have similar struggles and joys with my family, but could never write about them as eloquently as you do. So thank you!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

stacee said...

Oh Siobhan, you are a very generous Christmas elf. I have no need for a(nother) photo mug, but I've never had the toffee I've heard you talk about before. Yum!

Happy holidays to you and your fantastic family! xo