Monday, November 30, 2009

How 'EASY' crafts look when made by the not-so-crafty

heart felt letters

Well, from this distance they look pretty good, actually.

I got the idea for these felt letters at Better Homes and Gardens. I thought they'd look nice on the tree.

It took the whole family (and Silas, who uneventfully found three missing tapestry needles) and one afternoon to complete seven letters.

I just printed Helvetica letters at a 600-point font size for use as a template. We used regular embroidery floss for the stitches.

Stuffing them was a little more difficult. First I tried stuffing them in increments, and then I tried finishing most of the sewing before attempting to stuff in the batting. It was kind of a draw as to which was better. I found the stick end of a paintbrush was instrumental in getting the stuffing in the right places.

We're going to attempt a few more for teacher gifts.


Kcoz said...

Nice looking tree you have there, do the letters represent anything?


toyfoto said...

just initials

Julie K in Taiwan said...

I remember crafting. Your letters look lovely. Your photostream is making me feel festive.