Friday, December 11, 2009

Little brothers can be quite bothersome

They never sit still.

They talk to loudly and at inappropriate moments.

They are always interrupting you.

They moonwalk past all your friends, not to mention the school pricipal, when it is your turn to be center stage.

They hold their hands over their ears when you are singing your heart out.

But instead of losing heart, you smile.

You know, deep down, he's your biggest fan.


Kcoz said...

yup...the pictures tell it all.
What was the event?
what did Ittybit sing?
Did you record her song?


toyfoto said...

"Heart of America" The school has a thing with country/western songs that hinge on patriotism. It was funny. None of the kids really knew the words. ... they just followed along.

No recording, either. Too hard to do anything (even photos) with Mr. Mad Boy.

mamatulip said...