Monday, December 14, 2009



Merry-freaking-Christmas, grandparents and Jed.

Before I drowned my sorrows in homemade toffee ...

Silas, now of the big-boy-hair clan, would like to announce a winner of the holiday swag contest.

Annabel did the honors, picking from several wads of paper (each perfectly folded so as not to give anyone an unfair advantage) jammed in her ballerina jewelry box.
And thanks to kindergarten and phonics, she could even read the winner's name herself: Binky.


**For those wanting to leave me some commiseration for the cutting of Silas' baby-boy hair ... please feel free to comment here as well. Commisery IS company, right?


Beecher said...

Oh man! You DID cut it. Wow. It looks great but where did the baby face go? *vowing to never cut my baby's hair*
Does he love it?
My captcha is "snailiac"
what is a snailiac?

toyfoto said...

I miss the baby face. I do. I do.

And "snailiac" has to be the involuntary constriction my throat made when I saw his new hairdo, causing small bits of air to escape in a choking fashion.

Binky said...

Way to go, Annabel! Woo hoo! I never win anything!

My prize came in the mail today and I was delighted. I am filled with Christmas spirit and toffee. Thank you so much.

As for Silas's hair, well, you may not want to hear it...but I love it. I'm the opposite in my regard for baby haircuts. I am actually contemplating giving my son a buzz cut. Yes, I am.

toyfoto said...

I don't want to admit it Binky (because I do so love the long, messy hipster look) but the new do does remind me of when he was younger ...

like here:

kittenpie said...

I can't quite commiserate becaue oh my! The cute! I love it, actually.