Tuesday, August 23, 2005


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Annabel is so cute and serene in this photograph it's hard to imagine that this same cherubic child can turn on a dime and burst out with a monumental meltdown when things don't go her way. To be more specific: She likes things stacked or in rows (mostly in rows, one item deep and consistently spaced). She is also a stickler for putting things where they belong. If you don't usually wear glasses, she will demand you take them off in her presence. And don't even think about putting that blue Playdough in with the yellow if she's watching. Of course, there are those times when the yellow Playdough HAS to go in with the blue, but that's a whole different can of beans.
Speaking of BEANS. We went to the L.L. variety in Freeport last week while we were in Maine. We didn't purchase anything, but Annabel had a BALL running up and down the aisle of winter coat racks, calling out colors. Greeee ... BLU ... YEL-YO ... RAY ... Mostly she's getting them right.

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