Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Daddy's girl

parsons beach
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The dog days of August are upon us, and with the end of summer comes some shuffling of vacations and schedules and such. Lori is away with friends for the week so Annabel is spending a much-anticipated week with daddy. In addition to the usual naps, readings and playthings, Annibel is enjoying visiting mommy at work for lunch, area museums and pretty much every ice cream shop from Albany to Chatham!
She's beginning every day by saying DADDY, YAY!

Another first today. Annabel actually talked to me on the phone. (She usually says NO and pushes the phone away whenever someone tries to hand it to her for a chat.) She said hi, and proceeded to listen as I spoke to her. When I asked her if she and daddy were having fun she said Daddy, mama, and babbled a little bit. She then answered yes and no questions, and crossed her heart (according to Jed) to say she loved me.

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