Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sharp and sly

ama's house, kennebunk
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The musical expression of Annabel's lexicon expansion over the last few DAYS can be summed up in ONE WORD, and is explained quite nicely in our favorite They Might Be Giants song:

"No plus no equals no, all roads lead to no, no, no. Fingers pointing, eyebrows low, mouth in the shape of the letter O. Red means stop, do not go ... NO, NO, NO."

Although every question is now answered in NOs, it is apparent that she has a much wider vocabulary and some very strong desires. She knows what she wants and will sometimes lose herself and actually regress to saying 'Aya' when she really wants something such as ice cream or broccoli. (Two great tastes that apparently taste great together).

She also has a delightful impish look that says she's trying to play tricks on us. She still loves 'sneaking up on momma. She's still sparing with the public displays of affection: there aren't many hugs and kisses for mom and dad, but there are plenty of tender moments for Elmo, Ernie and Lambie. She is also fond enough of the dogs to call them by name (it sounds like MAY for both Maddy and Maggie) and give them brief hugs and pets while she sighs a little sigh of affection.

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