Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pop goes the weasle

Originally uploaded by toyfoto.
Our daughter is hooked on pop culture -- literally and figuratively. There's her obsession with popscicles: She yells 'POP' at top volume when we confuse the demand with Papa, her other preoccupation. Everytime he leaves a room, whether she had been paying him any attention at all, she scampers after him yelling 'POP' with a ferrocity we seldom ever see otherwise.
Of course we are also marveling at her facination with Barney; Nemo ("MEmo"); Ernie; "baby Ernie" (a smaller verson of her favorite Sesame Street pal); "Elmo," her on-again-off-again old flame; and "Woody," everyone's favorite cowboy from Toy Story.
She's even demanding we sing TMBG's "Bed, Bed, Bed," song every morning and evening in the car.

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