Saturday, September 10, 2005

The last straw ...

Sharing strawberries
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BERRY. Mmmmm, even good enough for sharing with the farmers at the Farmers' Market. Has it ever been a whirlwind morning! Annabel helped pick out produce at the market, and then came home and helped clean the house for when Tierney comes to babysit when dad and I attend a family wedding this evening. It's going to be so exciting and she doesn't even know it. ... "TeeTee" is her all-time FAVORITE person. I suppose we should start the betting now for when Annabel will be going to sleep tonight. My guess is sometime around seconds after Tierney goes home.

Ammended: I was right ... she went to bed about 10 minutes after Tierney left the building.
By the way, the wedding was beautiful ... here's a glimpse.

variation iwedding portrait

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