Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Swing kids

swing kids
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Last weekend we took a trip up to Vermont for a Labor Day "cook-in" at Great Aunt Denise's house. We stayed overnight and had a great adventure. Annabel also had lots of fun visiting with her cousins, playing with their toys and exploring their "Space ship." They introduced her to a new favorite cartoon -- Power Puff Girls. She especially got a kick out of Emmett, who was just a bundle of giggles and a font of kung fu action. Finn, her other cousin, was a little too fast to be captured in this lens, however. It was like trying to photograph Superhero Flash Gordon. Perhaps the toy camera was better able to capture the action. We'll have to wait for the film to develop.

the spaceshipswing kid

and here he his; the one, the only, SuperBoy Finn!! as caught in motion by the super-de-dooper toy camera:

finer things

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