Sunday, September 18, 2005

She's legal now ... 21 months old!

The big kids' swing
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Annabel turned the big 2-1 today, and to commemorate the auspicious occasion we took a ride on the big kids' swing. All I did was set her on and she did the rest. In short order she was swinging gently to and fro. It was a good turn, although it was shortlived. As soon as she started playing the "look ma, no hands" game we had to move along to the slide.
party animal
Yesterday she spent a few hours at her friend Maya's birthday party. Maya turned two Saturday and had a wonderful birthday party at the Berkshire South Community Center. Annabel took a while warming up to the children and the games ... she directed ME to fingerpaint for her, which was cute. ... "No mommy. BLUE."

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