Friday, February 08, 2008

What will I wear to the commencement?

Because I have just graduated - magna cum laude - from The Dr. L.S. Google School of Medicine after surfing around for an eight-year stint.

Last night, having nothing to do but worry, I decided to find out exactly what the doctors were looking for when they performed this test.

I Googled lasix renogram and compared pictures from Silas' test to a results from a test of a kidney with an known obstruction.

Before we turned in last night (early, so we'd be able to get up before the crack of dawn today for our consultation with the Big Kahuna) I said to Jed: "You know. I'm not a doctor or anything, and I could be wrong, but I think we're going to get some good news tomorrow."

I was right.

*does happy dance. *twirls. *knocks stuff over. * picks up objects. *tries to right them. *doesn't work. *aw, who cares? *GOOD NEWS!

Doc Kahuna says the boy's kidneys are BOTH functioning well and he expects the kink will dekink itself at some point without intervention. He can't say never about surgery, but he's scheduled our next appointment for June and made it an in-office scan as opposed to a hospital one.

The only sad news in there is that since we won't be going to the main hospital for tests anymore we won't be stopping at Starbucks and treating ourselves to mocha lattes either. We'll have to be happy with the Green Mountain Coffee they sell in the cafeteria downstairs from the urology practice. Oh well, at least we'll be saving money.

*** oh. Almost forgot the FUNNIEST WORST part. The part that signals unequivocally it doesn't matter WHAT you name your kids, someone is going to get it horribly wrong.

You might remember last time we were at this office and the name on the boy's chart somehow got changed from Silas to Elias? Well this time when the nurse called his name she pronounced it Cialis. Oh yes she did.


Anonymous said...

I want the name of that nurse!

toyfoto said...

Let's call her Levitra, just for fun, OK?

Bonnie said...

Cpngrats on the good news. And I LOVE that the Starbucks made it into the pros/cons list in your head. I would totally thought of that also.

Sara said...

I fear that nurse has spent a little too much time sitting in a bathtub next to her husband on a rocky sea-side cliff. (That commercial makes no sense.) Great news!

KnittySara said...

So glad to hear that the Champ is doing well.

I think this doctor's office renaming thing is a great new variation on the coffee cup misspellings, ala "Quinchica".

kimblanz said...

Hundreds of miles away I am doing a happy dance for you. Whew.So glad everything turned out well!

Lauren said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you and the family and baby Cialis. :)

toyfoto said...

maybe i should have titled this one "size matters"

Firestarter5 said...

Nice to read good news about Silas!

Take care Si

Binky said...

I haven't been frequenting the old blogosphere as much as usual and I'm just now finding out about Silas's situation. I'm so glad to hear the good report.

kittenpie said...

Oh dear. Did you tell her, not for a good few decades, I'm hoping? Or respond, "Yes, Viagra?"