Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a few days ...


Dear Ittybit,

You've gone off with your father on trip.

Perched high in the crane truck, strapped into your carseat, I bet you're on top of the world.

Car counting, word games and road food await.

It will be a few days before we are reunited as a family.

I won't miss the argument over bedtime. I won't miss harping at you to brush and floss your teeth. Or even the smoothing of tangled hair (though that chore is growing on me, I must admit).

But I will miss tucking you in at night and listening to you read to me. I will miss reading to you and playing our silly games. I will miss your face in the morning and the cup of coffee you slosh through the house ... for me.

Your shoes are scattered about the house - no doubt considered for packing, packed and then reconsidered. As I collect them and put them away - a chore I have protested time and again - I find myself missing your scabby, stinky feet.


Love and Kisses,


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Kcoz said...

I truly wish little miss Ittybit and her loving father have a safe and good trip…this is an adventure she will not soon forget. She will have much to say to you and the Champ building his sense of adventure…be patience and listen carefully, after all it is her first time on such a worldly exploration, and no one better to introduce her to such things than her Dad.

I’m sure there is a CB in the truck…Hope Ittybit gets the chance to call out…
”breaker, breaker….looking for a front door out there.”