Thursday, March 03, 2011

Where I Live

why i'm always late

It's been a while since I've really trolled around on flickr. Oh, I go there quite a bit to store photos and check in on my favorite photographers. But I'm not a tourist anymore, looking carefully at all the places I may never see in person.

So many things these days take turns pulling my attentions in different directions. It's strange to think the baby days - when little someones were entirely dependent on me for survival - were the ones that afforded me the most time for myself. Mostly I just did my own thing as someone napped in a sling and another someone slept in a stroller.

I knew it would be this way.

I knew once they were ready for school everything would change. I knew with school buses, homework, school functions and extra curricular activities it wouldn't be just us anymore, going with the flow.

It would be us against the current, trying to keep up. Scrambling every second.

Yesterday I surfed back into a favorite place, just for a few moments really but long enough to remember what it looked like and to miss it like an old apartment.

The cracks in the walls are still there, but someone's installed a new carpet and painted some rooms. You don't quite see yourself fitting easily back into the space what with all your new baggage ...

But, ah ... to be back ... and to remember ...

I'm a little tempted to try and pull together something for the latest project, Where I Live.

UPDATE Here I am.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that like a lot of things, Utata got too big. Oddly, that seems to mean far fewer posts per day than there used to be, and less sense of knowing who your other online friends were. I still check the discussions now and again, but haven't participated in a project in years now. It was fun while it lasted!

toyfoto said...

It's true. I find that most of my internet communities that expanded rapidly changed in tone or became too time consuming to follow.