Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feats of strength

Sack racin' her teacher Tongue sticking out. always

Ittybit's school held its annual Field Day today ... which is an event usually held at the end of the year ... wherein students run around for an hour or so in the hot sun, playing games of skill and coordination and making all the adults tired just watching them.

It also affords parents the opportunity to cheer on their little athletes as they try to avoid gigantic pink balls (Indiana Jones style), dress up in enormously large pants and run a fifty meter dash, or pass a rubber chicken on a track-length, four-person team relay race.

Only ... There are unwritten rules, you, as a spectator, might want to follow.

my mom ... with her camera

If you're smart(er than me) you'll keep your cheers to a whisper. Lest you be the cause of even the slightest embarrassment.

And ... perhaps most importantly ...

Field day in the shade ... under the bleachers ... with Legos ... and people's discarded wads of chewing gum

Those tiny bits of colorful "plastic" under the bleachers? The only place on the whole campus that is shaded? Not all of them are Legos.

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