Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An amazing life

Last weekend we celebrated a special event.

The 105th birthday of a man my children call great grandfather.

Born in 1907, in Kansas, Ralph Miller started his life as the son of a farmer growing watermelons, plucking turkeys from cedar trees for Thanksgiving dinner, becoming lost in a blizzard in an alfalfa field, and, on one occasion, getting his head stuck in the mud of the nearby swimming hole.

He went on to become a scientist who worked on encrypted communication during WWII. He has 49 patents under his name.

He also helped create all of this joy:


Carrie said...


Sara Drenner said...

Sounds like a remarkable man!

Kelly Anne said...

Wonderful! So many great photos - I really love the one of Silas pointing at the cake as his great grandfather is about to cut it. What an AWESOME moment.