Monday, April 30, 2012

Dig it ...


The kids are all into gardening.

Not really.

Mostly they're into going to the garden market, picking out plants they will forget about and that I will overwater, and buying cute little tools that will inevitably rust over the winter.

Not that I'm complaining. Much.

Spring is the time of year that, for a few lovely weeks, even I think we can turn over a new leaf.

One of the tools we picked up was a sweet little garden apron that will hold three tools (not to mention double as a holster for plastic guns once the garden bug has worked its way through their system).

It was so sweet and simple looking it made me think I could probably make one or two and give them as spring birthday presents.

For once, I was right ...



Kitchen towel*
Fabric scraps
Sewing machine

1. Fold kitchen towel in half, cut
2. Fold towel half so outside is facing in.
3. With fold facing top, sew around three open sides, leaving 3" at each corner near the top.
4. Turn right-side out and tuck fabric near opening for apron strings.
5. Take 36" length of fabric scrap (4"inches wide) fold right-sides inward and iron. Cut in half midway.
6. Sew one end and length of both pieces and turn right-side out.
7. Pin inside openings at top of apron, tuck in a loop of ribbon facing outward.
8. Sew closed on both sides.
9. Cut section of napkin twice as big as you want width of pocket. Fold outside in, sew around most of outside leaving enough to turn right-side out and pin to apron about two inches from the bottom.
10. Topstitch short ends of pocket
11. Topstitch lines three inches apart along pocket, leaving bottom edge open.

That's it. All you need are some tools and you're ready to kill grow plants.

*One towel and careful cutting of napkin will make two aprons

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