Friday, April 27, 2012

Learning how to park

I knew there had been an effort underway to get a dog park in our town -- I even dropped money in a dedicated collection jar at the Surley Cup on occasion -- but I wasn't aware that the park had actually gotten past the planning stages and into the oh-my-god-you-can-really-go-there-and-play stage.

Evidently it opened two years ago ... so ... yeah. I'm observant.

Anywhoo ... The pup and I went and checked it out yesterday.

What a great place!

Secure fencing. Separate areas for small and large dogs.


Lots of space. Lots of shade. 

Dog park

Water, waste bags available ... 

dog park

There's even toys for dogs and lawn chairs for their humanoids.

I don't know what this is for ...

air horn

Crowd control? Humor?

And of course, best of all, there's always new friends at the dog park.


But it turns out dogs need to have a park use tag in addition to the standard license, both available at Kinderhook Town Hall, to lawfully use the park.


Which ... after being scofflaws for about an hour ... we tried to obtain. (Town clerk had stepped out when we arrived ... so we'll try again another time, but I was given the helpful advice to "look for her white Hummer in the parking lot" to be sure she was available.)

One final note: You might want to learn how to park in case you are the first to arrive.

Please to be ignoring the orange clown car.  

Looks like *someone* doesn't know how to park at the dog park

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Lori said...

Aw, looks like your pup enjoyed it! My dog makes me crazy when we take her to our official park. She just sniffs the perimeter and wanders. At the unofficial (illegal) park, she actually plays and romps. Go figure.