Monday, May 21, 2012

Space Craft Camp

Every one thought I was crazy to indulge Ittybit's whim of hosting a day-long space camp play date for her second grade class. Or perhaps they were just gauging my usual level of patience (which, admittedly, seems to be dwindling by the year) against my level of anxiety and stress (which is strangely increasing in direct, proportional amounts to the number of miles I drive throughout the day on errands and extra curricular events).

But, I  know my limits. I also knew weekend baseball and softball practice would probably limit the RSVPs.

As it turned out, entertaining five second graders (and a soon-to-be-kindergartener) for one afternoon is within my abilities, especially when you mix a few planned activities with liberal amounts of unstructured play.

space craft camp  planets align  Script run-thorugh  space craft camp  rehearsal  planting sun and moon flowers  pluto's dress rehearsal  tree climbing

They're really at a wonderful age. Given an outline they can create something you'd never even imagined.

Expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised. That is my motto.

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