Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fluff and fold

Doing chores. #smallwonders

She wants to earn money.

She wants to have a job.

So we gave her the laundry.

She's old enough. She interested. 

She's not a baby anymore. 


It's a good thing, I know. 

It might require us to accept shrunken clothes, pink whites and an occasional soap-suds flood but it will 
give her a sense of competence as well as accomplishment. It will introduce her to independence while showing her how a small contribution can benefit the whole.

It has also had an unexpected, trickle-down bonus.

"I helped Ittybit fold laundry and she gave me this," he tells me proudly, holding out his hand.

When parenthood just seems ridiculous: I saved my son's favorite lint ball from the dog.

"This is my favorite lint ball, mom. Can you make sure the dog doesn't eat it?"

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