Friday, July 17, 2015

So many things ...

Evening swim

Summer has come ... but the time I thought I'd have to fritter about and catch up here hasn't so much materialized.

Another patchwork of my best intentions.


Today is Amah's birthday.

The kids and I visited. A tiny little party with immediate family ... but no picture.

For the first time in years she was able to eat meals made of solid food: An omlette and toast, baked fish and boiled beans, birthday cake. She is happy and ravenous. Progress.

"I think her brain is getting more composed. They are really helping her get better here," observed Silas from behind his slice of cake, which he was working on digging out on the tender morsels from its thick frosting shell.

Annabel's eyes teared up. Mine stayed dry. Progress.


Cat life

The cat is growing in her sleep.


They passed EVERYONE! #topgearheads

Annabel would prefer that her mom drives faster and her dad drives slower.

Dressed himself

Silas seems to be growing every time I check the rearview mirror.


Both Jed and I have done fun stuff ...

Sharklegate #much #latergram


We're staying busy with running ...

Fun run with Silas


And plays ....



And enjoying Mothers and all their Natures ... whenever we can.


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