Saturday, May 14, 2005

Girl with curls

curls diptych
Originally uploaded by toyfoto.
Annabel hair has gotten enough length in the back to show the beginnings of some curls. Of course it could be just the results of her twirling the hair on the back of her head when she is anxious.

Today she was feeling a bit punky because of a head cold, poor thing. The sniffles didn't stop her from visiting the Canada geese with papa or rearranging her diaper station.

This picture doesn't show you that she's selecting one diaper at a time, looking it closely (both sides) to discern whether it's an Ernie diaper or one of the other members of the Seasame Street gang. But it does convey how intent she is on source separating. She keeps all the Ernies and tosses all the rest.

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