Monday, May 16, 2005

Holy Toast

Originally uploaded by toyfoto.
I couldn't help putting these two photographs together as diptychs, (beginning yet another obsession). She had lined up her animal cracker pieces on Jed's new couch, pushing them into the down cusions as if willing them to stay. Later, she found her reflection in mirror quite appealing and spent a little time in front of it watching koalas and camels disappear. Earlier she had played keep-away from herself with the new soccer ball Jed gave her.

Today, though, she isn't feeling well. She's been struggling with a cold for several days and lately it seems to be getting the better of her. She's lethargic today, wanting to just lie around watching Elmo and her other Seasame Street friends. I hope she will feel better tomorrow, otherwise we are off to the doctor to make sure its not bacterial.

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