Tuesday, July 26, 2005


cool jazz
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Ama broke out this little frock last week. It's a dress she bought for $18 from the Peerless store in Troy, N.Y. nearly four decades ago. She estimates that the cost in today's prices would be about $140. Annabel seemed to think it was worth tooting her horn about.
It's strange how a little dress made of cotton and ribbon can make your heart all aflutter. When Annabel was first born, we had dressed her in the footed zips and other things Jed's mother had saved. It was sweet that she was wearing some of the same things that her father had worn, especially when there were photographs of old to prove the connection. I had been feeling a little sad that my mother had turned most of our best dresses into ornaments for the church Christmas bazaars. The proceeds may have gone to a good cause, but I was sad that none of my hand-me-downs would proceed. I can't tell you how nice it was to see this pale blue dress make its way into the fold.

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