Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The scrutinizer

baby scrutinizer
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Annabel is such an intense little girl these days. She's just advancing leaps and bounds in so many aspects. She's starting to say 'please' automatically when she wants something, and her memory amazes me. Today she remembered that Lori put a flap from Elmo's alphabet book in her pocket for safekeeping once it was torn off from constant use. She motioned to her own hip when Lori asked her where it might be. "That's right, I put it in my pocket," marveled Lori, who then took another moment to think about what had just taken place: "Oh, I must have washed it by now," she laughed.
Annabel seemed fine with the remedy. They're going to tape a piece of paper over the opening and mark it with a Z.
Also new this week: Annabel seems to be changing from her usual two- to three-hour morning nap into some form of an afternoon nap. It's been kind of gradual, and she's teething again so it might not be a permanent shift. We'll have to see how it goes.
I also noticed a new freckle. This one appeared a couple of days ago on her face near her left ear with a series of scratches she must have given herself in her sleep. I thought that's what this mark was too until today when I looked at it more closely. Definitely a freckle.
She got her first freckle (on her right thigh) when she was only about 8 months old. And recently I noticed another freckle on her left thigh as well.

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