Monday, July 25, 2005

Gotta boo-boo?

baby dear
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Annabel is getting quite a charge out of getting her boo-boos fixed with kisses and Band-aids. After falling off the picnic table and the playground and landing on her little face (no obvious cuts or bruises) I kissed the top of her head only to be told with various 'NO, no, nos,' that I had gotten the wrong place. She didn't give up until I kissed the ACTUAL injury site: her cheek. When we got home she also wanted a Band-aid after watching Jed affix one to his own thumb (I won't elaborate on that boo-boo). Since she wasn't actually marked from her misstep at the playground I tried to put the colorful Seasame Street bandage on her knee where she could see it ... 'NO NO NO NO NO.
Pointing to her cheek.
This doesn't keep her from pretending, though. She was happy to help me with my non-existent boo-boo, too.

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