Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Now what?

NOW it's time for BED
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Open wide
Annabel turns 22 months old today. Woo Hoo. To celebrate, last night we gave her a baby doll playset. It includes a 12-inch plastic doll (with cloth body. ... her preference) as well as a diaper bag, magic bottle, sippy cup, jars of food, spoon and fork, a diaper, diaper wipes container, a binkie (with a clip) and a teddy bear for the dolly ... Annabel was like a mother hen. She fed the baby, burped the baby, diapered the baby and then decided ... 'Baby BED!'


John said...

What a cuttie...

davidsons said...

I was crusing through Blogger and your blog came up. I love your pictures, and I'm sure your daughter will love them when she's older.