Monday, October 31, 2005

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Annabel isn't much of a costume gal ... unless you think of an orange binky and pink suade boots as a costume. But she does love crafts. We went to Olana - home of Hudson River School painter Frederick Church - on Saturday for its Halloween party. They had a scary little maze ... which she couldn't get out of fast enough ... pumpkin rolling and an arts and crafts tent. We thought she might like to get her face painted, but no. ... she wanted Mama to get her face painted instead.
On Sunday, we walked down to the village park for its Halloween party and parade, which was just a small circle around the ballfield. We think she went as an Austrailian cow girl: She wore mom's old cowboy hat, overalls, a suade coat and her pink uggs. She wasn't much impressed with some of the other costumes, though. Darth Vader was an especially scary sight, but she was happy enough with a cider doughnut and a walk to the toddler park with Ama and Papa.

bird chair and chalkboard

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