Monday, March 26, 2007

Can't argue with logic

Picture the scene if you will: County Route 83, a carcass of a rabbit lying on the road in front of us, a crow (that had been feasting) lifts into the sky as we pass by.

ITTYBIT: Mommy, what was THAT?!

MOMMY: It was a crow.

ITTYBIT: I don't like crows.

MOMMY: What's not to like about crows?

ITTYBIT: They scare away the chickadee-dee-dees. And I don't like that.

MOMMY: Well, I suppose that could be a problem.

ITTYBIT: Mom? There's a crow in Little Badger, right?

MOMMY: Yes, there is. And he's a nice crow. Remember, he brought the shiny stone for Badger's just-about birthday. I'm sure he doesn't scare chickadees.

ITTYBIT: But there aren't any chickadee-dee-dees in that book ...


Whirlwind said...

You have to love the simple reasonings they come up with. I posted the other day how Einey tried to plant popcorn kernels wit her sunflower seeds so she could grow popcorn.

kimmyk said...

Can't argue with that logic.

Gail said...

No argument here. She's a sharp one, that Ittybit.