Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pleased to meet you

holding his hand, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

Today I was separated from the infant for the first time in nine months and three weeks.

The grandparents sat with him while Annabel and I went to the grocery store. It was a quick trip. All I really needed was hydrogen peroxide (for my still-open wound) and some ice cream for a good little girl.

Since the checkout lines were few and long I steared us toward the self-serve checkout with our two items. While I was trying pitifully to scan the barcode of the brown bottle an elderly man in a motorized shopping cart wheeled up behind me.

"May I talk to your daughter," he asked quietly. "I have girls, too," he said, "but they're 14 and 16 now."

He was obviously a grandfather. His name was Tom. It was also obvious that he finds the little ones to be oodles of fun.

Annabel and he spoke for a long time. He asked her age, and what she liked to do.

She told him "people always say 'congratulations' when you have a new baby at home like I do."

He couldn't believe his ears. "Did she just say that? Wow! She's quite a fine speaker."

Of course then she asked him if we were "making his acquaintence?"

I thought he was going to swallow his teeth.

"Well, sweetie, I have to go now but I do hope to see you next time."

"Me, too. Bye."


Gail said...

You must be proud!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Oy! How sweet!

That would last me for weeks :-)

the mad momma said...

she's beautiful and bright.. you must have done something right! here's a long distance hug.. from across many oceans...

belseslaf said...

Oh, Annabel... A conversation like this would have made my day too. Just beautiful.