Friday, July 27, 2007

No introductions necessary

silas sleeps smiling, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

We took Annabel with us to Silas' one-month well baby visit. She was quite the charmer, wanting to show off her baby brother the moment a family of 'big kids' piled in the waiting room.

As they clustered around the fish tank (with it's ever changing inhabitants) this time two goldfish and three frogs ... different from last time when there were no fish but four salamanders. ... but I digress ...

"MAAAAM," she whispered. "Will you please show them Baby Silas? ... GO ON," she begged. Just go over and show them.

She took me by the hand and led me over to the aquarium where the kids were. She squeezed her way through and touched the glass. "See. Look here, mom. ... There's a whole bunch of little fish. They're right there," she said not bothering to look into the tank. The conversation was a smokescreen. All she really wanted was for the kids to get a gander at her brother.

When the nurse called his name, and we all piled into the examining room to see how the little bunchkin's been bulking up, she was all ready with a host of questions she hurled at us in rapid fire:

"Who is is doctor?" "Is this MY appointment or Baby Silas'?" "Can I kiss him?" "What is that do?" "When can I sit in that?" "Why is he on the table?" "Hey why is Mickey Mouse on the wall?"

In between each question, of course, were the quick observations of a preschooler:

"Silas' is scared." "I think he want's his big sister." "Is he going to get poked with a sharp thing?" "I remember this place. Do I get a sticker?"

But the real news, of course, is the weights and measures:

Silas, July 27, 2007

Head: 37 cms
Length: 20 1/2 inches
Weight: 9 pounds 1/2 ounce


Leeanthro said...

Sounds just like my daughter. Every morning at preschool this summer, she has taken another kid by the hand and forced them to meet her baby brother.

Both our girls are proud big sisters!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Adorable. Both of them!

Gail said...

He sleeps so cutely, I just made up that adverb...