Wednesday, August 01, 2007

From the archives ...

just like mommy, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

What do you get when you hand an expensive digital camera to a preschooler?

Do you know?

In my case, you get this ... or this ... or perhaps even this.

But what do you get when you put a memory card back into the camera in the dark? If you're someone like me you get this.

Shite. ... and, of course, the Champ picks today to start smiling ... and holding his head up ... and grabbing my hair with both hands. And Annabel even asked to have her picture taken, too.

You don't believe me, do you? I can't even prove it until I buy some film. ... I wonder if I remember how to use it?


Leeanthro said...

The baby feet one is actually really good. Cropped close in it would be wonderful!

I think she has a future in photography!

diana said...

I shot a roll of film the other day. Kept forgetting to advance. Kept holding the shutter button down to make it autofocus (my film camera doesn't have one) and the kicker...kept checking the back to see the picture after I took it. Sigh.

wordgirl said...

These sound like pictures I've got to see. Hurry! Hurry!