Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too snarky, right?

Not Ready for a Closeup, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

I am NEVER playing the Lotto.

Remember how I mentioned that Getty Images asked me to submit a bunch of photos for its Flickr collection?

Did I mention how excited I was when THIS was one of the first images sold from the collection.

It even appeared (briefly) in a video story on FoxNews. (i know ... so fair AND balanced).



Turns out .... two months later ... when the electronic statement was finally posted. No Sale.

It had been canceled. In the same month. But evidently it could have been cancelled in the following month and I would end up owing Getty from future sales if they'd paid me for the cancelled one.

Their answer to my question about how long people have to cancel sales: "It is disappointing to know of a sale then to find it's been cancelled, but any veteran photographer licensing her images will tell you that this comes with the territory."

I can't but think that was adding a little insult to injury ... not to mention not answering the question.

Of course ... I posted the above (Commercial Failure) picture to flickr ... before I knew any of this had taken place.

So ... maybe I should play the Lotto.


Mrs. Chicken said...

I don't get it -- how can they use it and then not pay you for it?

And your photos should sell like hotcakes, I'm sorry. I practically melt with envy when I see them. I want to be you when I grow up.

And if I am ever in your area, you bet your bippy I'm dragging my kids to you, so you can take their pictures.


Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

I don't know how things like Getty images work, but I can understand the frustration and disappointment. I'm sorry; it must be a bummer =( Just hang with it, though; sometimes these things just take time.

toyfoto said...

Thanks, Sarah.

"Disappointed Blogging" can be very close to Drunk Blogging. I should probably just be grateful and patient.

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