Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Polite Society

polite society, originally uploaded by toyfoto.

... and his five-year-old sister.

Seriously, though ... Who knew he'd actually eat FOOD if he were seated at a "kiddie table" with his big sister?

Annabel knew. *High five!*

Dinner's on the floor from now on. Well ... technically, it will be about a foot up from the floor.


Kcoz said...

Of corse she knew...she understands he will do things with/for her.
I hope she dosn't talk him into doing things that will get him in trouble...

Later, Kcoz

Leighann said...

I guy ate an entire meal at the kid-sized picnic table in the backyard and didn't even throw his plate and cup when he was done.

He also ate two strawberries at the grocery store while we waited in the long checkout line. He's snubbed them up until this point.

So from now on all meals will be served at the picnic table or in shopping carts!