Monday, August 10, 2009

One, short

We returned from our week in Maine last night having left Annabel with her grandmother for another five days of fun in the sun.

Figures: Halfway home it started to rain.

The hugeness of leaving my baby for a week really crept up on me.

Even though we've talked to her no less than five times in the last eight hours, it just feels weird without her here.

Kinda like that how it feels when you loose a tooth and your tongue keeps finding the empty socket where your tooth had been.

Which Annabel told us all about this morning.

The tooth - a big, front one - fell out right before swim class.

Thanks to her uncle Dobbs for photo documentation!


the mama said...


sorry, that's about all i can muster.

Kcoz said...

If I remember correctly the tooth fairy that traverses the hallways of your castle in the wee hours of the night is quite generous. Rumor has it that a front tooth is a prized possession to all tooth fairy's as they are hard to come by.

I would expect Annabel to wake up to find the keys to a red Lamborghini under her pillow.

toyfoto said...

Five bucks. If the Lamborghini costs five bucks ... and she passes her road test ... it's hers.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

That front tooth is such a huge thing b/c once her teeth come in, she'll look like such a big girl! She's going to have a blast! Hang in there, mama.

Kcoz said...

How about five bucks and a red apple to loosen-up that other tooth!

Julie K in Taiwan said...

She is such a cutie! She already looks oodles older with a tooth missing.