Monday, January 11, 2010

The green-eyed monster pops up

The Champ came home from the babysitter's house last week bearing a rocket ship exploding from a construction paper sky with the aid of a tiny accordion of paper pasted to the back.

"I made diss!"


So ingenious, just the sight of it made Ittybit jealous.

Of course it could have been the fact that I framed it to hang in his room ... someday ...

But whatever made her green with envy it was recitifed today when she got home from school and told me she wanted to make a pop-up princess that I could then frame for her room.

Only ... we didn't have construction paper. We didn't even have white bond for the the printer.

But we did have fancy-dancy paper I'd bought for some project I never endeavored ...


So, without further ado ... a pop-up princess suitable for framing:

1. Cut out shapes.
2. Paste shapes to folded pieces of paper.
3. Paste folded pieces of paper to backround paper.

4. Color.
5. Accessorize.

6. Voila.

1 comment:

Kcoz said...

Love it...and her proud smile as she shows off the final product.

Good job Annabel!!