Monday, January 04, 2010

One a day

You've seen this look before, right?

It is usually a warning.

Heed the warning and you might be safe.

Ignore it and you might be nursing some pretty deep wounds.

But sometimes a look like that isn't a warning at all. Sometimes it's just a moment caught in time and out of context.

That's how I'm starting my New Year's resolution (the one I didn't intend to make). I'm taking a picture a day for the next year.

I guess the idea is that in 365 days ... in 365 pictures ... my life will flash before my eyes.

I invite you to join in or follow along for the next 361 days.

I must say at least it should be worth a laugh. Who else starts out their year-long project by putting a *scarf on a cat*?

*It is for a good cause, though - OFA fundraising project.


Kelly Anne said...

My facebook status on New Year's day (or thereabouts) was "Sometime in the past year and a half I stopped taking pictures for the fun of it ... this year I'm going to do that more."

I don't know if I'm going to make it to a picture-a-day, but I definitely want to start taking more pictures, and even (~gasp~) posting stuff to flickr again.

Looking forward to seeing as the year progresses!

Cara said...

On a much smaller scale, one of Kai's assignments this week is to draw a picture each day of something important that happened to her that day. It'll be interesting to see what a 6YO deems important - yesterday was a popcorn bucket with her giving a 'thumbs up'.

toyfoto said...

Wow, Cara. I don't think that's a smaller scale at all. If I had to draw a picture a day this project NEVER would have happened. If Annabel gets that assignment she may need her own blog!

Cara said...

Sorry, should have clarified...the assignment is only for a week.

We've branched off and are now keeping a family journal. One important thing that happened to us each day is journaled at dinner.

Tonight is day #2. I'll be surprised (but happy) if it lasts a week.