Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hang ups ...

Illustration? Seriously. If I were a *real* designer I'd be a little miffed at how Photoshop did this in one click. #talentlesshack

Have to admit, I'm a little sad that the baby days are behind me. The not having a fundus to measure makes every annual visit that much more bleak.

But that little hang up isn't really what I'm kvetching about today.

Today I'm interested in the picture at the top of this post.

I took this with a camera phone, ran it through Photoshop and voila! Instant illustration. While I'm amazed and excited about this discovery, I'm also a a little terrified at what it heralds. The devaluation of true talent by technology.

A few years from now the guy who repairs the car will be doing heart bypass surgery as a lucrative little side business.


What's your Hang Up?


Kcoz said...

Where do I start…One thing that bothers me is that one no longer needs artistic talent to be considered an artist anymore, especially a graphic artist. No need to practice with the knife and brush, the knowledge of pencil lead weights and how to use them, the discipline of the eye for 3-D visual effect, and the education in perspective drawing for scale…Just point a click!

They should be called graphic point and clickers…As knowing any one of several computer programs is far more valuable in this day and age than actual artistic talent.

But this has been the case with other artistic skills as well, synthesizers instead of an orchestra, drum machines, animation instead of an actor, and computer generated special effects in the movies…it boils down to the bottom line and the actual human skills to create will soon be of no value what so ever.

BTW, I really like the effects in that picture and am not surprised that it is a point and click item…how hard would this effect be to create without a computer??


Cara said...

Yeah, but then he'll be sued out of business for racial profiling when he asks for your make & model before making a cut.