Thursday, February 03, 2011

Fantastical creatures and grand plans

There's just something so intrinsically wonderful about Chinese New Year celebrations. The festivities, parades and lore just take all the hope for a bright future and wrap it up in foil and glitter.

I think the best part of it all is watching the dragon dancers say farewell to the year past and welcome another with such active excitement.

And then I thought ...

"Wouldn't it be cool if ...

"Maybe for next year ...

("I'd probably have to start now ...)

"I could get a bunch of kids together to make a costume ...

"And we could have a dragon parade of our own?"

Because really? Nothing promotes teamwork quite like a dozen or so kids covered in fabric trying to snake their way down a road.

Of course I'll probably forget all about it next year, but I thought making a design plan would make it seem possible:

So this is what I'm thinking we need:

* Two cardboard boxes - one larger and one smaller
* Lots of cereal boxes
* Faux fur scraps
* Some kind of plastic pipe
* A length of chicken wire
* About five yards of some red shiny fabric
* Paint (bright colors)
* Glue

And this is what I think we try to do with it all:

Dragon dancer

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Erin Wilson said...

Donald Miller tells a story about a family who was bored one New Year's and decided to have a parade down their street. The idea quickly morphed, and soon the whole neighbourhood was invited to participate. Only one rule though... no one was allowed to watch the parade. Everyone had to be in the parade.

I don't know if it's 15 or 20 years later now, but they're still at it. They and their neighbours parade down their street. They now have a grand marshal and I think the fire department even comes. I'm pretty sure their street is very small, like just a few blocks long. So it's pretty much a giant deal for that community.

I hope you go ahead with your ideas here. Not that it would necessarily turn into an annual thing. But there seems to be something completely magical about publicly doing the unexpected, together.