Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The yoga of parenting

Exercise guru

Children can make everything you do in life seem that much harder.

But everything you do in life can seem that much better because you have children.


Carl Johnson said...

That may be the best, truest thing you've ever said.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

You betcha.

Carrie said...

Love this! How true.

Kristen said...

Very true! I will never forget raking the lawn one fall and getting frustrated with my kids for running through the leaves, and having to rake them up again and again. My neighbor came over and said she thought we made even the most boring jobs (raking) look like lots of fun. She came to play with us. :) The piles of leaves stayed til the first snow fall.

J V H V S said...

I miss your family so much. Such a precious photograph, for such a precious moment. :)

I may not have kids, but I can see how that statement would be true.