Monday, November 14, 2011

Table talk

Jackalope at the Bijou

The Champ makes the seating arrangements:

"You sit here. ... That's where werewolves sit," he says to his sister. ...

"And you sit there ... that's where the king sits," he says to his dad. ...

"Ma, you can sit across from me ... but I don't know what you are. ... A fairy? A Queen? No. I don't know what you are."

"So what are you, bud-boy? You a vampire?" his father asks, looking at the pile of Dracula costume he'd been putting on and taking off every hour on the hour since halloween.

"Nope! I'm a Jackalot," he says with a smile.

"Not yet, bud. But no doubt you will in a few years."

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Carl said...

Okay, mad props for that one.