Friday, February 03, 2012

Hope reminds you ...

ama, silas & papa

In this case, hope came in the form of a second (and third) opinion.

And it could mean that I might be able to take a picture of my parents like this again one day.

And though it's too early to tell if my mom might be able to walk with Silas during his preschool graduation -- or even witness it knowing that he is her grandson -- it is a hope that, even if remotely possible, is too sweet not to savor for a moment.


sandpiper214 said...

Hope is a wonderful thing. I'll hope for you (and her) as well.

Anonymous said...

OMG, brings tears... so out of touch with you guys. We have to start hanging out as the next generation... don't want to lose touch with you and your sister. My mom's fam is much better about hangin out than Frank's!! We Connally's need to change our ways... Miss you guys and think of you often... hope Aunt Pat is doing great and hanging in there..