Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to salt a wound ... pack rat style

Recycling day and bus shelters - an idea that's time has come.

HIM: *Grumbling* ".... They told me 'don't look in the recycling ... just let it go.' And there it is ... my expensive cardboard ... that I was saving ... for no explicit reason whatsoever."

ME: "Let it go. Let it go. There's always more cardboard and there's only so much room to store it."

HIM: "I suppose you are right." *Stalks off*

CHAMP: *Eyeing the collapsed gray-blue boxes* "Can I have some? It will make a great fort."

ME: *Thinking there's always next week for recycling* Sure. I'll help.

*later on that evening*

CHAMP: *Plaintively* "Daddy bended my cardboard what I was using for my bat cave."

HIM: "What?!!! That is MY cardboard.

ME: "Well, actually ... he was the one who saved it from the recycling. ...

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