Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Kindergarten (dis)Orientation

Orientation day

How is this possible?

He can't be old enough for school.

Cubby  Diligent.  This will be the best part of his day when it rains. #backtoschool  Foam trays? #%^€£•!!!  Lunch punch. #backtoschool practice. photo.JPG  Will always be the best part of his day. #backtoschool  photo.JPG

He was just born yesterday.

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Just One Foot said...

You just HAVE TO collect all of these and make him a small shutterfy book of his first day. These remind me of a photo essay. I've made small books for the kids after a big bday bash or other occasions and they still love looking through them, even as teens. This batch just screams to be made into a treasured photo book!