Thursday, January 03, 2013

Nothing to sneeze at

Tussle and togs. #dogpark

Poor, almond-stealing, pencil-eating, couch-crowding beast.

She's been cooped up in the houseful of sick for all of the holidays.

It's gotten so stressful that she now barks at us when we sneeze.

And her bark is not dog for "god bless."

It sounds more like "Hey, watch where you aim that thing!"

But then normal temperatures returned (for humans and for winter), as did the regular school day.

So after a week of doing nothing much in the warmth of the house, it felt good to get out in the cold of the world.

Even for just an hour.

I'd planned another outing at the dog park today, but then the school nurse called.

Stomach bug.

A car wash and two loads of laundry later I do believe that even the dog agrees: gut bugs are nothing to sneeze at.

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